I’m Sophie, a twenty-something-year-old living in Essex in the UK! This is Honestly Soph, my creative outlet where I blog, vlog and document weekly about anything from embarrassing “Honestly Soph, you did what?” stories, to honest thoughts, life experiences and opinions.

As a kid and a teenager I always wanted to be a Dentist – not sure what that was all about, the thought of sticking my fingers in someones mouth today makes me gag. But at the age of 23 I think I’ve found something I’m good at and really love doing – blogging.

Honestly Soph combines my passion of branding, design and blogging, into one exciting project!

I’ve been blogging and filming YouTube videos with my friend Yasmin on our channel ‘Thecococrush’ since 2013. Thecococrush is a channel dedicated to fashion and beauty (another passion of mine) if you haven’t already, you should really check that out.

But that’s not all that I’m about – Honestly Soph documents my awkward encounters on public transport (Running down the escalator at North Greenwich, tripping into the tube as the doors shut and getting my bag trapped in the doors until we reached Canning Town – I like to make an entrance), and my frankly awful self control when it comes to spending on my credit card and going nuts on Amazon. All combined nicely with cooking and baking fails – basically, all the situations / things that occur in most peoples life and certainly mine!

So why Honestly Soph? I hear you ask…

Well, I’d like to help and inspire young people and enlighten them on the transition of life from school, college, university to working life, what they don’t teach you and probably should, and to tell you, that whatever your thinking, don’t worry, we have all been there.

So here I am, Soph, honestly sharing life’s little mishaps and gems!