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I started Slimming World (properly) on Thursday 5 January 2017 which seems like yesterday but it has just dawned on me that I had planned to be well within my target by now! I also haven’t posted anything health a fitness related on my blog since 2016. Bloody hell.

To say I was shocked at the number on the scales on that first weigh in is an understatement, right then I knew I needed to get my butt in gear and set an interim target.

Since January 2017 I have lost two and a half stone, which I am proud of, and I do have to remind myself of this achievement. My biggest loss to date is 4.5lbs in one week which I was astounded with.

The reason this post is titled slow and steady is because I haven’t put a massive pressure on myself to loose more than 1lb a week. Which is what I have done up until now. Since January this year I have really struggled to loose ANYTHING. I seem to be gaining and loosing the same 2-3lbs week in week out.

A post on Instagram by Charlotte from Princess Planning saying it took her years to get to her target really struck a chord with me. I need to remind myself that this is my pace, I’m just taking the scenic route.

These last few months I have really been struggling and have let my journey take the back seat. I turn 27 this year, so now more than every I really want to get my arse into gear, get back to Slimming World and do this for the last time!

This is a post for myself and anyone else struggling with motivation and keeping on track with Slimming World and their journey to a healthier lifestyle.


I am a total nerd for stationary, so anything pretty and practical I adore. I purchased two 8 week countdowns from Princess Planning who I found on Instagram. If like me you love to plan the weeks meals and keep a food diary I highly recommend. Check out #PrincessPlanning on Instagram as some people do share discount codes.

Get Creative

There are some really good free resources out there for recipe ideas, the thing I struggle with is keeping my lunch exciting because salad is NOT life. One of the fabulous ladies in my group told me about Pinch of Nom. There are some really good ideas and hacks on here, even for pizza lovers like myself! They’ve also just released a cook book which has the calories of each meal, I’ll talk more about calories in a bit!

I have also being using cooking sachets from Spice ‘n’ Tice, they are easily adaptable for Slimming World. It usually means swapping oil for FryLight or using our beloved Quark. They’re so delicious and easy to make. A favourite in our house is the Katsu Curry.

Staying to a Slimming World Group

Everyone at group is in the same boat. That is key to remember, there is so much love and support in the group. I have been really lucky to have made some amazing friends at group who I talk to daily and we all share the woes and struggles of our Slimming World journey’s. Everyone has brilliant ideas, you can share what you’ve learnt too and help other people! Every few months they also have taster nights where we can all bring something in, bought or cooked, to try. Perfect for me because I attend the 7:30 pm weigh in, which is peak dinner time!

Don’t Stop Living

One thing to remember is there will always be something going on in life that gets in the way or involves food. Celebration, food, comiseration, food. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas and Holidays the list is endless. You can have two outlooks on these things that life brings. One is Sod it Susan, Susan is gonna enjoy her self, go all out and then get straight back on plan after. On Plan Pam, Pam will check the menu first, make the right choices and stay within her syns.

Lately I’ve been in between the two have have been a bit of a, well, Spam!

Calorie Counting

Calorie counting isn’t something Slimming World preach about, and everyone’s body works in different ways, which it the most important thing to remember. Copying what someone eats in a week when they have a huge loss, won’t always mean you’ll get the same results.

The past two weeks I’ve been using the Nutra Check app, which works out a healthy calorie deficit for you, your target and how much you aim to loose a week. It is free for a week, then after that is £3.99 a month, when you’re already paying £4.95 a week for Slimming World, what is an extra quid! That’s like a bag of Mini Eggs a week that we could all do without…

I’ve done this along side Slimming World to stop myself over eating ‘free food’. I love a potato as much as the next person but there is surely a limit. Since doing this I have felt better, and hopefully this Thursday there will be a result on the scales!

At the end of the day, unless you are in a calorie deficit from food an exercise, you’re not going to loose weight.

If you’re on a weight loss journey, or have made it to target, what are your top tips?!


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  1. Well done! SO many seem to swear by Slimming World because it s a way of life rather than a restrictive diet xx Beautylymin

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