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Workout Bag - Honestly Soph

As I said in my 2016 Goal and Keeping Motivated post, a hit on my To-Do-List this year is get healthy and workout! Since university I’ve been a member of a gym, but lately I’m loving it! It really is all about finding the right gym and fitness regime for you. Thinking of joining a gym and wondering what to take or just being nosey, here is what’s in bag – workout edition!

Workout Clothes - Honestly Soph
Workout Clothes – Honestly Soph


My bag is the simple Nike Brasilia Small Grip Bag, I just have the black one, it was gifted to me by my brother when he ordered his and received two! It comes in 8 different colours, so there will be one to suit everyone! I’ve had mine for about 4 years now, so well worth £19.99 and it’s now on offer at Sports Direct for £16.99.

Nike Brasilia Small Grip Bag – Sports Direct


Ladies whether you are breastly blessed or not, getting the right sports bra is so important, no one wants an awkward slippage whilst giving it their all at the gym! My favourite ones are the Shock Absorber range – they can be a bit on the pricey side, but come in a range of colours have amazing support and to top it all off they are in proper bra sizes, none of this small, medium or large confusing business.


Workout Trainers - Honestly Soph
Workout Trainers – Honestly Soph

I will be completely honest, I am one for completely coordinating my gym attire! I’ve got a few pairs that I wear depending on what I’ll be doing. As a flat footed gal, if I’m doing something like cardio or weight training legs, I need a lot of support for my knees and ankles, so I have a pair of Brook running trainers with an insole for support. The Brook website has a customised shoe finder, where you answer a few questions and will show you shoes available for you needs. My ones are pretty hideous because I got them when I was in 6th form a LONG time ago, they’re quite expensive, but if you’ve got feet and knee issues like myself it’s well worth paying out for them rather than being in pain!

Brook Shoe Finder


Other wise, I’ve got a pair of mint green Nike Air Thea’s, black and white butterfly Adidas ZX Flux’s and white and neon green Nike Running shoes! Factory outlets are a great place to get yourself some workout trainers! Also, the brighter the better!


Workout Leggings
Workout Leggings

The majority of my leggings are super lairy, my favourite place to get my lairy leggings from is TK Maxx, H&M, Miss Guided and JD Sports. The key thing to look for when buying workout leggings is that they are not see through! Always try them on in good light, do a few squats and stretches to make sure you can workout in confidence knowing that you want be flashing your favourite undies at the gym! In my personal experience Nike leggings are the worst for this, I’ve spent £40 on a pair of gorgeous leggings and after a few washes they’re only good for doing Pilates in the lounge at home!


My favourite thing to workout in, is bright coloured and patterned vest tops, but on those in-between-waxing days I’ve got some long and short sleeve workout tops! Just like the leggings a lot of my tops are from H&M, Miss Guided and JD. Nike is better for it’s tops than for it’s over-priced leggings I must say! TK Maxx is also great for finding branded bargains, I got a black Nike vest for £15 instead of £30! I always shop in sales for workout clothes, if you’re aiming to tone up and loose a few pounds it’s better to buy in the sale because with hard work and determination it could be too small in a few months time! Another great thing about workout clothes is they very rarely go out of style at the gym!

H&M Sports Wear

Miss Guided Active

JD Pink Soda Sport 

TK Maxx Sportwear

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  1. Nice workout gear! I totally co-ordinate my gym clothes too, I’m a huge fan of black, it makes me feel chic even when sweating and tomato-faced! 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m quite new to the blogging world, I like all black for everything I wear to be honest, the gym is where most of my colour comes from haha.

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