Floripa London – NYE 2015

To celebrate New Years Eve myself and Jack were invited by aspiring entrepreneur, founder of Forty8Creates and my bestfriend, Chloe, to join her and the rest of the event organisers at Shoreditch bar Floripa London to bring in the New Year!

Floripa London
(Picture: Floripa London/Facebook)
So, I haven’t posted for a while! Also I’m a little late on the NYE/2016 resolutions band wagon! Firstly, I’m now on Bloglovin go on over and give me a follow, comment below if you’re a fellow blogger and I’ll return some love!

Floripa London – NYE 2015

Floripa London (Formerly Favela Chic) is a Shoreditch bar and club. It has an awesome beach bar style interior, really does feel like you in a bar on holiday (Queue the holiday blues). Floripa serves a London twist on Brazilian cuisine and a collection of traditional cocktails.

Shoreditch is now one of the go-to places for nightlife in London and there’s something for everyone restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs. With easy access to a lot of the tube lines and bus stops to Liverpool Street it makes it easier for  people to get home that are travelling form outside of the city, perfect for us Essex bunch! On New Years Eve the main tube lines were open all night and for FREE which meant we were able to get back stress free, even after a few… beverages!

There were 6 of us all together, so we would have expected the drinks to cost a bomb however our first “sensible” round consisting of a few beers and spirit mixers came to a mere £30 – which is no more than we’d expect to pay on an average night out in our home town! Then the shots of Tequila and Caipirinha cocktails made an appearance, but still surprisingly wasn’t too damaging to the old purse!

There theme for the night was UV paint party, there were blue UV lights decorated around, people wearing a multitude of colours and dancers dressed in Brazilian carnival get up with gorgeous jeweled and feathered headdresses! The real fun didn’t start until Chloe popped out an array of UV paints from her bag! We pretty much made it our mission for the evening to cover anyone and everyone in face paint!

Floripa London NYE 2015
(Picture: Floripa London/Facebook)
There were 2 DJ’s that played a range of music from current chart and house music to nineties and noughties RnB, I remember impressing…no one, with my Sean Paul rap skills!

Overall we had an awesome night and will most definitely go back there for another night out, I’d also love to go there and try some of their Brazilian food!


Floripa London
Huge thanks to Chloe for the invitation! Follow her on twitter @itschloesmith_  also don’t forget to check out Floripa London on Facebook!

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  1. I would love to go to Floripa.
    and Brazilian food sounds sooo exciting.
    So glad you got to go and enjoy yourselves.

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