Looking back, my university experience

Honestly Soph - Graphic Design University

Firstly, the hipster, shaved head Sophie days are long gone…I have now been working full-time and out of University for just over two years! I was fortunate enough to land myself a job in the industry that I studied in. That really is due to being at the right place at the right time!

It is no secret that I didn’t have the best time at university

If it wasn’t for my amazing support system at home and meeting one of my best friends at university, I honestly would have dropped out in the second year and would still be working in H&M and playing with my dog on my days off.

The first year was a wake up call. Coming from a general art and design course, I had a very different approach to projects. I remember the first project called “Where Do I Come From”. My days were spent etching and carving away using inks and a printing press. My design was an intricate braille/Morse code style print. Much to my surprise my efforts weren’t appreciated as I’d not created a digital outcome using fancy fonts and Illustrator! (Which until half way through the second year was a program I had never used before) This was a huge kick to the knackers. Everything I loved about traditional methods of Graphic Design and hand printing weren’t going to cut it! From this moment I knew exactly what I wanted to write my dissertation about – and boy did I!

I think skipping graduation for a spa day with my two best uni friends says it all really…

Life after university

If I could go back to university now and do it again I honestly don’t know if I would. At a young age I aspired to go to college and progress on to university, because I didn’t know what the other options were. As I’ve just said, I was in the right place at the right time landing a job in Graphic Design when I left university. A lot of people I went to university with haven’t been so fortunate!

I always see so many memes that mock entry level job applications requiring years of experience, a bit like this. Sadly these memes are a reality.

University Experience meme (Source: https://junglelogic.wordpress.com)
(Source: Jungle Logic)

If I had of known more about apprenticeships – getting qualifications, learning while working and earning an income, I probably would have opted for that! You get so much more experience, even when I left university there were some seriously simple technical skills that I didn’t know how to do, which I have since learned using them in the workplace.

There are a lot of alternative option to university, that really are worth considering. if you’re thinking about what to do after school or college! I think the fact that the next generation have to be in some form of education until they’re 18 is excellent. Schools really are making more of an effort to get kids to explore all avenues of higher and further education.

Have you taken an alternative route to work and education?

What were your experiences?


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