Neglecting my blog and finding inspriation

Neglecting my blog, Honestly Soph

Bloody hell, where have I been? I promise I still post on my Instagram. I have neglected my blog, as I’ve just seen I haven’t posted in 10 months, shit!

Neglecting my blog, Honestly Soph

This post is a promise, to you guys and to myself that I will post more often on my blog, I really want to publish one post a month, writing all my jibberish down really does help, but sometimes you do lose your blogging mojo!

Let me start with where I’ve been, firstly I’ve moved here there and everywhere and me and Jack are temporarily back at my family home. Mortgages, saving and being an adult are fucking hard and I just want to go home after work and play Crash Bandicoot and the Sims.

I’ve also been on a mission to get healthy and loose some extra padding that I definitely didn’t need. (I’m working on a separate blog post all about how I’ve been slowly but surely doing this)

In the mean time I’ve totally changed career path and now work in Communications and Engagement and I love it (especially at 4.59pm on a Friday when I know I’m closer to going to what my colleague Julie calls “The Library”), all be it stressful and draining it’s a total change from Graphic Design and everything I’ve done before but I love learning and getting all of the mad skillzzzzz.

Where I’ve found my blog motivation

I’ve been reading some pretty great blogs lately and it made me realise that I started doing this not to make money, become a youtube sensation or to put #ad on all my Instagram posts but because I like blabbering on about my idiocy.

Great blogs to check out are:

Tasha Hyett – I’ve known her since we were wee, she’s keeping it real with her posts

Hannah Gale – Her list posts are those ones that go viral and you tag all your girlfriends in

Gracie Francesca – ultimate wardrobe goals over there, style icon and 100% girl power

Also, be sure to check out The Coven from The Flower Arranger – so entrepreneurial and it gets me excited!

I was in my first year of university when Yasmin and I started writing a blog, thecococrush, 6 years has flown by and we’ve grown up so much, maybe not me but my bestfriend is now an entrepreneur and a Mummy, and I’ve never been more proud! (Check out her insta for #EyebrowGoals)

I’m surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things and I feel inspired to go and give life my all and open up a whole can of whoopass on the blog for the foreseeable future!

This post is literally a brain dump, not sure if you’re still reading; if you are leave comments on how you get your mojo back!

Honestly, Soph

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