Self care, 20 wellness tips for 2017

Self care, 20 wellness tips for 2017

Throughout the month of January people make more effort to focus on themselves and self care. Some people make small lifestyle changes. I know a lot of friends who are doing Dry January (these days I rarely drink anyway, but 21 year old Sophie probably could have done with this), you might be making more of an effort with exercise, I’ve recently starting doing more classes at my gym, I love Les Mill Body Attack! I have also re-joined Slimming World, I did this during my time at uni and it worked really well, I’m sure I’ll do a post or a video on my progress with this once I’ve got back into the swing of things.

A new year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your self care, mental health and personal wellness. It really is important for us all to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of 9 – 5. To recognise and understand what it is we need for total self care. I’ve put together a little list of 20 things I plan to tick off this year to improve my own self care.

20 tips for self care and wellness:

  1. Sleep, this is such an important one. Two years ago I stopped napping (something most humans give up by 3 years old) because it severely broke my evening sleeping pattern and made me so exhausted during the day.
  2. Eat well and keep hydrated. Something we all know we should do more of!
  3. Try not to overthink.
  4. Disconnect/Unplug, how many of us use our phones as alarms? Ditch that horrific air horn noise in the mornings and get yourself an alarm clock! Switch your phone off an hour before you go to sleep.
  5. Be selfish.
  6. Remember, it is good to say no. Sometimes saying yes to a holiday that you would like to go on, probably isn’t worth all the financial stress saving money might cause. Especially with the struggles us millennials face when trying to scrape every penny together to get a mortgage anyway!
  7. Do more of what makes you happy!
  8. Tidy Environment = Tidy Mind – something I saw on a fridge magnet once, but a good mantra to live by.
  9. Have a good stretch, first thing when you wake up. Check out these stretches from Darebee.
  10. You don’t have to break the bank on a spa day, do it from home! Candles, face mask and your favourite dressing gown.
  11. Do something new. As a kid I loved doing dance at school, but other than a Saturday night in town I haven’t been able to dance as much. I recently joined Xpress Dance and did the Dance Fit Class, watch us doing some serious hair whipping here (Queen B Style).
  12. Read a book.
  13. Go somewhere you’ve never been before in your hometown. Perhaps you’ve got a local museum, a factory or even a new trampoline park.
  14. Chill with your pet or if you don’t have one, ask a friend nicely. Stroking animals is good for your blood pressure.
  15. De-clutter, bin bags at the ready. There is nothing like a good clear out of junk to clear the mind!
  16. Tick something off that lurking to-do list, have that eye test, go to the dentist or get that strange mole looked at!
  17. Talk to someone about something that has been bothering you. How big or small, to let it out can be a total weight off your shoulders.
  18. Smile more. Don’t be afraid to smile when something makes you happy.
  19. SING! Even if you think you are tone deaf, sing until your heart is content.
  20. Remember, baby steps! I certainly won’t be trying to do all of this at once and our journey to self care and wellness can be as long as we like.

Have you made any resolutions this year? What steps are you taking to work towards your self care, let me know in the comments.


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