Sick Day Survival Guide for Millennials

sick day survival

It’s that time of year where we are all getting sick, yay. I’ve been ill the past week and definitely needed a sick day survival guide.

I love Autumn a lot, but not the colds and flu’s that come with it! If you are a millennial like me and you get bored on sick days, here are a few tips to make yourself feel better and keep you from going insane.

Sick Day Survival Guide:

  • Don’t set an alarm on sick days. Make the most of laying in bed and make sure you are getting enough sleep. I ended up waking up several times through the night needing a drink and a Sudafed, because I couldn’t breathe and my mouth was dryer than a desert.
  • Drink plenty of water, in between drinking tea and lemsips. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated, this is just another way for me to justify spending £15 on my Love Island water bottle (I think these are still available on the app)…
  • Run yourself a nice hot bath or have a nice hot shower on a sick day. When you’re feeling congested and bunged up the steam really helps your sinuses. Menthol crystals are also really good at clearing your sinuses, you can get these from any pharmacy. Just put them on the bowl of hot water, you can leave this is the room or pop your head over the bowl with a towel for more intense relief.
  • Use your favourite products. I am a sucker for a bath bomb from Lush and a few weeks ago I fell back in love with the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush set, it is lime and sugar and smells like you could eat it.
  • Get comfy. I put on my favourite Next pyjamas (similar here), fluffy socks and my White Company slippers which are so bloody soft.
  • If you can, eat. I couldn’t eat for a few days but when I could, I made myself my childhood favourite, cheese and cherry tomatoes on toast with Lea & Perrins. It’s better when your parents make it for you, but when you’re 25 you kinda have to put your big girl pants on and do it yourself.
  • Finally, Netflix (or Amazon Prime) and chill. Grab your favourite sick day blanket, grab a Lemsip or tea and the remote. When I was ill it was the perfect time to catch up on a few series, I have been loving:
    • Pretty Little Liars
    • Lucifer – Amazon Prime
    • Vampire Diaries
    • Riverdale. Cole Sprouse has been my number 1 since Suite Life.
    • Stranger Things, if you have watched series 1 already do,because series 2 is fast approaching and I am so excited!

What are your sick day survival tips? Have you been watching any good shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime lately?

Honestly, Soph x

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  1. Awesome post! Sick days are the worst :/

  2. This was so helpful, find myself getting ill a lot in the winter months! Great choice of netflix options aswell.

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