Things I’ve learnt whilst in a pandemic.

I saw a great line that said, we’re not working from home during a pandemic. We’re in the middle of a pandemic trying to work from home.

This got me thinking, so many people have shared their working from home tips for years before this happened, no one has ever experienced something quite like what is happening in the world right now.

Working from home was great for an odd day or back when you could meet friends for work parties at your local coffee shop, pop and run errands, go to team meetings in the office, but not in a pandemic.

My 45 minute commute in the car to listen to my random playlists is gone, now I have a 45 second slump from my bed to my desk, the day is off to a good start if I’ve even brushed my teeth and got out of my pyjamas. On the other hand, there isn’t that same long commute home, I can make a start on dinner earlier and enjoy a longer evening, so long as I’m not temped to stay online a little longer to get something finished.

Since March, at the beginning of the pandemic, I thought why not use this time to do something new. Here are just a handful of things I’ve tried and generally failed while working from home during coronavirus;

  • Reading. I joined an online book club and failed reading the first book, Where the Crowdad Sings, so many people said it is brilliant but I’d fall asleep every time I tried to read before bed! I might give it another go though.
  • Yoga. My friend and I would FaceTime around 7.30 am and do 40 minutes of yoga most mornings, this lasted two weeks, until I overslept once or ten times…
  • Skincare routine. I thought why not use this time to get my face and body skincare routine down to a tee. I bought some great body shop products, again used them religiously for two weeks, now I seem to just use it when I remember or I start shedding like a lizard.
  • Saving Money. While the pubs, takeaways and restaurants were closed we saved a fortune, I even managed to pay my £3000 credit card debt off in full. Then things slowly began to open, and socialising was allowed in the pandemic so my spending habits crept up. Also I’m pretty sure Amazon and H&M made a mint out of me this year!
  • Eating Healthily. When I starting working from home I carried on making my pack lunch and breakfast. Now I’m at the point where it gets to two in the afternoon and all I’ve eaten is a babybel cheese and an entire punnet of grapes!
  • Walking. Working from home in the summer was nice, I would take a walk at lunchtime to stretch my legs and get some fresh air, these days I feel stuck indoors, attached to my desk and barely make it outside before Saturday!

In hindsight I was expecting a bit much from myself attempting all of these things at once! The main things I’ve learnt and have taken away from this experience is baby steps, just try one task at a time.

Celebrate the small victories, if you got up before your alarm, have managed to get showered and dressed, eat breakfast all before logging on for the day, that is an achievement in itself! Finally go at your own pace, like I mentioned at the beginning, lots of people work from home, but no one has ever experienced something quite like this before and we are not out of the woods just yet!

Be kind to yourself, not just during the pandemic but all the time, you’re doing okay!

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