10 things we all think on a Sunday

10 things we all think on a Sunday

Sunday has come to an end and today has been the quietest Sunday, where I have no plans, since about July and I’m really undecided how I feel about it all to be honest but here are 10 things that I have thought today.

After festering in my pit for most of Sunday morning, Jack managed to drag my lazy self down to the local co-op to get all manner of goodies from digestives and Camembert to avocados for my lunch tomorrow. It has been one of those Sunday’s that had so much potential to get stuff done, yet hours of internet browsing and Netflix later, it’s 11pm and I have achieved nothing!

Here are 10 things we all think on a Sunday:

Okay, I feel fine. Goes to get up from the bed, ohh no absolutely NOT fine.

My mouth is dryer than a camels belly button right now, give me all the waters. I’m so dehydrated, if I got in the bath I’d soak up all the water.

It was definitely that one shot tequila that’s done this to me, never mind the few glasses of wine and half a bottle of Mango Absolute vodka.

Oh my God I’m starving, what’s the time? I want a McDonalds Breakfast, 11:30! Why don’t they serve breakfast all day? Not even a cheeky Sunday hash brown.

There is always good films on ITV or Channel 5 on a Sunday let’s have a look, oh The Mummy Returns and Fast Five, again.

Maybe I should go to the gym for an hour seeing as I’ve got nothing to do, it will be dead on a Sunday – then proceeds to eat entire bag of kettle chips and have a nap.

I wonder if I can make the dog laugh… Hey Ziggy, what did the earwig say when it fell off the wall? Ear-wig-goo! Nope, nothing, not even a raised eyebrow. Just the look of disappointment.

I guess I should attempt some house work. Right I’ve managed to put the washing machine one but I am almost one-hundred percent certain a new black sock just snuck its way into the white wash.

Running the hoover round won’t hurt. Noise of said hoover then makes your brain dribble out your head and your hangover beings to re-mingle.

The Smonday’s (transition between Sunday and Monday) have hit hard. Will it snow tonight so that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow? Oh I know let’s check my lottery numbers, wait, I didn’t but a ticket. Maybe I’ll have a flat tire or even a zombie apocalypse will do.

10 thoughts we have on a Sunday

Let me know what some of your thoughts are on a Sunday?

What are your Sunday survival tips for keeping the Monday blues away?

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